Dick Gregory Speaks At Mosque #7 (2013)

Dick Gregory discusses: The effect carrying lead bullets has on police officers, college football games & professional athletics, why Magic Johnson stopped playing basketball, the “love” of athletes and entertainers, the Million Man March, the assassination of Malcolm X, Trayvon Martin, and the purpose of the Rodney King riots.

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The Lead Paint Travesty

“…Perhaps Baltimore’s Kennedy Krieger Institute (KKI) best exemplified the dubious protection of parental consent, which it was careful to elicit when it began its “Repair and Maintenance Study” in the mid-1990s. Researchers approached black families in 108 units of decrepit housing encrusted with crumbling, peeling lead paint. Lead paint is a notorious cause of acute illness and chronic mental retardation in young children, who inhale the lead borne on the air and nibble the peeling paint chips, drawn by the appealing sweet taste of the lead. That same sweet taste led Romans to infuse their wine with lead, courting mental devastation, which some historians believe hastened their civilization’s decline. Today, it is poor children in crumbling inner-city housing who suffer most from lead. Fortunately, we know how to protect children by banning the use of lead paint and by offering lead-abatement programs. But the agenda of the KKI scientists did not include removing children from lead exposure, because they planned to use these children to evaluate new, cheaper lead-abatement techniques- of unknown efficacy- in old homes with peeling paint.

Because scientists wished to explore cheaper ways of eliminating the lead threat in the future, they purposely arranged with landlords to have children inhabit lead-tainted housing so that they could monitor changes in the children’s lead levels as well as the brain and developmental damage that resulted from different kinds of lead-abatement programs. Scientists offered parents of children in these lead-laden homes incentives such as fifteen-dollar payments to cooperate with the study, without divulging that it placed their children at risk of lead exposure. The literature given the parents implied that the study was protecting their children from lead damage and promised to inform parents of any hazards.

KKI researchers simultaneously encouraged landlords of approximately 125 tainted housing units to rent to families with young children by paying for the lead abatement if the landlords rented to such families. They met with chilling success. When the KKI drew blood from one-year-old Ericka Grimes on April 9, 1993, for example, her reading was nine micrograms per deciliter, which is a ‘normal’ reading, according to CDC guidelines. The KKI identified lead-imbued hot spots in the home but did not tell Ericka’s parents. When Ericka was retested on September 15, 1994, her blood-lead reading was 32, which CDC charts label a ‘highly elevated’ reading.” –From, “Medical Apartheid: The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans from Colonial Times to The Present” By: Harriet A. Washington

[SIDEBAR: This book is a MUST read! Please go out and get it. It has superb information in it! It should be required reading in all educational institutions. *SIDEBAR UPDATE*: The only objection I have to this book is the epilogue. I disagree with a lot of conclusions drawn in that section of the book. I still appreciate how thoroughly researched and explained the rest of the book is though.]

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The Adverse Effects Of Electronic Smog

The modern technological byproduct of “electronic smog” is said to be detrimental to certain forms of nature. Man-made electrical fields, that are created via wi-fi, cellphones, and power lines, are increasingly becoming denser as more people become converts to mobile technology.

According to The Independent, “Dr Ulrich Warnke, who has been researching the effects of man-made electrical fields on wildlife for more than 30 years,” has said that, “man-made technology has created transmitters which have fundamentally changed the natural electromagnetic energies and forces on the earth’s surface. Animals that depend on natural electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic fields for their orientation and navigation are confused by the much stronger and constantly changing artificial fields.”

The doctor is specifically boisterous of the effects that electronic smog is having on sparrows and bee colonies. The Independent, has quoted Dr. Warnke as saying that his research has shown that the dense man-manufactured electrical fields “could be responsible for the disappearance of bees in Europe and the US (in what is known as colony collapse disorder), for the decline of the house sparrow (whose numbers have fallen by half in Britain over the past 30 years), and that it could also interfere with bird migration.”

There is still no concrete evidence as to how this electronic smog is effecting us homosapiens. However, some researchers are blaming electrical fields for everything from cancer to miscarriages to suicides. My concern is that we won’t know the truth until it is too late. Being that the truth of this situation could tamper with the bottom line of almost every high-powered corporation, there is likely an ongoing campaign to conceal it.

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The Origins Of The Technique Of Vaccination

“In the early 1700s, as America was being ravaged by smallpox, Onesimus, an African slave who belonged to Cotton Mather, told of a technique, long practiced in Africa, to prevent smallpox by introducing the ‘pus from the ripe pustules’ of a smallpox patient into a small incision on the arm of an uninfected patient. The technique resulted usually in a mild case of smallpox but prevented the full-blown disease. Dr. Zabdiel Boylston (a great-uncle of John Adams), who had gotten the idea from Cotton Mather, tried the technique in America- first in Boston- with great success.” From, “Quitting America” By: Randall Robinson

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The Dangers Of Too Much Sugar

Over the years Americans intake of sugar has surged, greatly contributing to soaring rates of diabetes and obesity. Some sources have stated that on average, modern day Americans, consume about a pound and a half of sugar almost every couple of days. Comparatively, in the 1800s, the average American ingested less than 12 pounds of sugar on an annual basis. We are now being warned that most of us need to be more vigilant about our sugar levels.

An article once posted by the New York Daily News states that Brooklyn residents are increasingly dying from diabetes. The article states that: “Diabetes deaths in Brooklyn have shot up 42% over the past 15 years…The hardest-hit neighborhood was southern Crown Heights, where the number of deaths increased by a whopping 141% from 1992 to 2006…The citywide increase in diabetes deaths for [that] period is 62%. In southern Crown Heights, 51.5 of every 100,000 residents die of diabetes. That number is 54.6 per 100,000 in Brownsville and 48.1 in Bed-Stuy.”

In addition to diabetes, high-sugar intact also leads to mental deficiencies such as: a lack of concentration, and moodiness. More seriously, scientists are also looking into whether or not high-sugar levels contribute to the onslaught of Alzheimer’s disease- which is an intense state of dementia.

Let’s resolve to be more healthy. Also be sure to drink lots of water.

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Be Safe…A Little Discernment Wouldn’t Hurt Either

With the rising evidence of so many people engaging in risky sexual behavior, there has yet to emerge a powerful educational campaign for STD prevention. There also seems to be a dangerous imbalance between the proliferation of have sex messages, have safe sex messages, and abstinence messages in the media. With that being said, it is important to remember what is at stake when engaging in certain acts. The risks aren’t always as apparent as they should be. You must think for yourself, and you must protect yourself.

[SIDEBAR: With any decision that you make: Consider your personal rules and guidelines- and stick to them, consider your priorities, and weigh the repercussions].

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Southern Wisdom: Fruit & Vegetable Shopping

“You can’t sell me melon without seeds. Just like you can’t sell me white-and-yellow corn. I don’t fool with no food that’s messed over by man. On the way home, if I see a stand on the side of the road, I’ll stop to see what they got. If they got corn and I spot a little worm crawling over the top, I’ll buy it. That means the corn hasn’t been sprayed with chemicals. It’s easy to clean out the worm, but how you gonna clean out the chemicals?” -From, “When I Left Home” By: Buddy Guy

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