The Fly Or Die Commerce Report: Amazon Buys Whole Foods

Written By: Elsie Law - Sep• 26•17

This past August, an almost $14 billion deal was completed, allowing for Amazon to purchase Whole Foods. Amazon’s ownership of the grocery conglomerate has been marked by new policies that the new owners have implemented.

According to Business Insider, the day Amazon completed the aforementioned purchase, prices at Whole Foods immediately dropped. In addition to this, Amazon Prime members will be able to get special discounts at Whole Foods. Whole Foods has replaced their previous discount program with Amazon Prime. In a reciprocal action, Whole Foods’ products can be purchased on Amazon’s website via an Amazon Fresh membership.

Amazon also plans to expand Whole Foods’ work force by hiring more employees. In addition to this, select Whole Foods locations will sell Amazon products, such as the Amazon voice-controlled speaker; and will be equipped with Amazon Lockers, for drop-offs and pick-ups of Amazon purchases.

The reputation of Whole Foods in the past has been one of a very expensive grocery store, where patronage may be out of reach of the average consumer. Let’s see if Amazon’s acquisition of the company will make it more price-friendly for the average shopper.

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