BOOK EXCERPT OF THE WEEK: Part 2- From, “Acts Of Faith” By: Iyanla Vanzant

“Cheap thoughts bring cheap returns. When you place yourself in low vibration, you draw things that vibrate on the low level. Do you begrudgingly spend money? Do you hate to pay your bills? If so, you are violating the law of correspondence. What you withhold from the universe will be withheld from you.

If you give begrudgingly, people will begrudgingly give to you. It is not what you do not have that makes you or keeps you poor. It is what you do with what you have that opens the door to more. Pay your way or at least offer to pay. Expect the best and give it to yourself. Release your money happily, being grateful that you have it to give.” -From, “Acts Of Faith” By: Iyanla Vanzant

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BOOK EXCERPT OF THE WEEK: Part 1- From, “Acts Of Faith” By: Iyanla Vanzant

“The universe is extremely responsive to our strongest thoughts and emotions. The forces of life are eager to bring us the very things we give force to. When we are unhappy, dissatisfied or unfulfilled, we give a great deal of energy to the condition we are in. We must realize that complaining about where we are or what we have is the best way to ensure things stay exactly as they are. We will not attract better or do more until we respect and appreciate what we have now.” -From, “Acts Of Faith” By: Iyanla Vanzant

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The 2008 not guilty verdict in the Sean Bell case evoked outrage, emotion, and debate. It is not an anomaly that the police officers involved in the Sean Bell slaying were acquitted of all charges on all counts in State Supreme Court. I could run out of ink printing the names of people who have been victimized by the inaptly named justice system.

The American justice system has been especially terroristic towards the African American community. Many community members can cite historic and personal accounts to prove this. Therefore, it would be foolhardy (at the least) to turn to a system that has methodically oppressed us, and request that they free us. We can only free ourselves through extreme discipline and intelligent planning.

As a community we have been too compliant with leaders who organize ineffective, delayed reactions. The only strategy that can save us in this last hour is one that calls for a collective code of conduct that will be conducive to improving the conditions of our community, and shifting the paradigm of how we are treated by outside entities. The first step of this code of conduct should be based on economics.

The old adage of “money talks,” still reigns true in the new millennium. Any political scientist worth his or her library card will tell you that: “Economic powerlessness equals political powerlessness,” and conversely “economic power equals political power.” This means that if we continue to allow our wealth to be extracted from our community, we will remain impotent.

The power of the collective “Black Dollar” is often discussed. However, that power has been left unchanneled. Today is the day to change that. A one-time boycott is not going to bring long-term change and respect to our community. Our community has launched boycotts before. Our success and ascension will be based on what we consistently do. For this reason, we should initiate “BUY BLACK FRIDAYS.”

BUY BLACK FRIDAYS is a small step towards our community acquiring power via controlling our economics. Every Friday, people who acknowledge the injustice and oppression that the African American community has been consistently subjected to should do one of the following:

Option #1: Spend $0 on Friday
Option #2: Spend no more than $10 on Friday
Option #3: Only Shop at Black Businesses on Friday
[PLEASE NOTE THAT THE ABOVE OPTIONS CAN & SHOULD BE EXERCISED ON A DAILY BASIS. However, we can all at the very least focus on Fridays. This way we can take a collective stand and build our collective discipline. Please remember that this is only Phase 1!].

To the people who are tempted to label “BUY BLACK FRIDAYS” as racist, I say this: In the big scheme of things, this is about right & wrong, justice & injustice. The African American community is a strong, proud community that has endured the brunt of America’s iron fist. We must stop the pounding. I feel that any fair-minded individual will concur, and join in.

ANY business that is privileged to enjoy the support of the African American community MUST return that support.

I thank you in advance for your effort and dedication.

-Elsie Law AKA Starface

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Black History Fact Of The Day: Marie Maynard Daly

Marie Maynard Daly was the first African American woman in America to earn a Ph.D. in chemistry. She received her doctorate degree from Columbia University in 1947. In 1988, she established a scholarship for African American chemistry and physics majors at Queens College in New York.

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The Move Organization

This video shows vintage footage of the Move Organization and how they were attacked by the government. You can see the dangers of media propaganda, and how the voice of the people gets absurdly twisted. You can also see police brutality as it is exercised against the Black community. This is recent Black history (and American history) that Black people should be aware of. Move has been attacked by the government throughout the decades.

[SIDEBAR: Think deeply about the purpose of having a popular rapper, Biggie, take on the alias of “Frank Rizzo.” When you think about the pattern of things, it’s not shocking when “popular” rappers are used to spread derogatory vibes concerning strong Black figures.]

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