Black History Fact Of The Day: The Guided Missile & The Pacemaker

Inventor and engineer Otis Boykin helped to develop the guided missile. He patented over 2 dozen electronic devices. This included the pacemaker.  He was inspired to create the pacemaker sue to his mother dying from  heart failure when he was only a year old. Ironically, Otis Boykin also died from heart failure in 1982.

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The Science Behind No-Melt Ice Cream

Melted Ice CreamYou can thank a brutal natural disaster for the invention of no-melt ice cream.

According to National Geographic, no-melt ice cream was accidentally created after a 2011 tsunami in Japan damaged the country’s strawberry fields.

Due to the widespread damage of the fruit, they could not be sold as whole pieces. Therefore, a pharmacy professor and his team decided to make an extract from the strawberries, and use it as an ice-cream topping. However, instead of being a delicious topping, the extracted strawberries, also known as liquid polyphenol, acted as a binding agent creating a frozen dessert that can stay at room temperature for an hour without melting.

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