Black History Fact: What Famous Author Was Stokely Carmichael’s Freshman English Teacher?

When he was a freshman at Howard University, Stokely Carmichael had an English professor who was to become a Nobel laureate. She was also the future editor of two of his books.

He had this to say about his famous teacher:  “My freshman English teacher I’ve never forgotten. She was an instructor and a challenging teacher who was really down with black literature and our people’s culture. But this teacher was unusual in one other important respect: she was young, stylish, and really fine. Her name was Toni Morrison…About eight years later my teacher and I met again when she would be my editor at Random House for both Black Power and Stokely Speaks.”

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Black History Fact Of The Day

Nathan Hare was the first director of a Black Studies program at a university. He implemented this program at San Francisco State University in 1968.

During his tenure as an educator, he also taught at Howard University. His students included Stokely Carmichael and Claude Brown, the author of “Manchild In The Promised Land.”

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