The Collateral Damage Of Police Terrorism: Erica Garner

Erica GarnerErica Garner is reportedly on life support in a Brooklyn hospital.

Erica Garner became a very vocal advocate against police terrorism after her father, Eric Garner, was killed by a NYPD officer who had inexplicably placed him in an illegal chokehold while he helplessly gasped, “I can’t breathe.”

After her father’s death, Erica Garner courageously fought ceaselessly for her father’s murderer to be punished. She spoke out about the justice department’s apathetic investigation into her father’s murder. She also lambasted NYC’s mayor for his refusal to release Officer Pantaleo’s (her father’s killer) NYPD disciplinary record. Erica Garner also could often be seen standing with the families of other victims of police terrorism.

All of her tireless efforts since the 2014 murder of her father, in addition to the grief of mourning her father, has doubtlessly taken a toll on Erica Garner, as it would anyone. Most can only imagine the physical, mental, and emotional trauma this woman and her family has endured over the past few years.

This morning, the New York Daily News reported that Ms. Garner has suffered her second heart attack in the past few months. The news source has also stated that Ms. Garner is in an intensive care unit in a Brooklyn Hospital. Please pray for this courageous mother o two and her family.


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Book Bits: “Guillaume: A Life” By: Robert Guillaume

Guillaume A Life Book Cover
Here are some interesting tidbits from “Guillaume: A Life” By: Robert Guillaume:

• He grew up in St. Louis during the great depression. He went through a lot of family challenges growing up. Growing up he had to face poverty, racism, and miseducation. He poignantly describes what this was like.
• His early life taught him that American society felt: “What is grace in a white man is arrogance in a black man.”
• He discusses getting roles and building a career as a Black man in America. He also discusses acting, and building a career, outside of America.
• He frankly discusses, and explores, the harsh racial dynamics of America and its affect on his life and his perspectives.
• He discusses meeting, and working with, Sammy Davis Jr. and Harold Nicholas of the Nicholas Brothers.
• He briefly discusses seeing Nina Simone perform, and living next door to Miles Davis
• He details his role as a father and his relationships with his children.
• He discusses his friendship with actor Ron O’Neal, and tactfully describes the affect Hollywood had on him.

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Book Bits: “The Rise, The Fall, The Recovery” By: Spencer Haywood

Spencer Haywood Book CoverI definitely recommend this book. It was a great read.

Here are some interesting tidbits from, “The Rise, The Fall, The Recovery” By: Spencer Haywood:

• Spencer Haywood had some very interestingly varied life experiences. He experienced the most extreme poverty, as well a fame and fortune.
• He picked cotton in the deep South as a child.
• He poignantly describes the racism that he experienced growing up. His childhood experiences in the deep South, including picking cotton, would have you thinking he grew up in the 1800s, not in the 1950s and 60s.
• He was a trailblazer in many ways, including being the first professional basketball player to go the pros before finishing college. (This involved litigation and a bevy of court cases.) He also pioneered professional basketball players being able to make the high salaries that they make today.
• He became an Olympic gold medalist during the Olympic Games that Tommie Smith and John Carlos famously protested racism in America.
• He played basketball in Venice. He described Venice in a way that makes me want to go there for an extended visit.
• He interestingly recounts his marriage to supermodel Iman.
• He was Nike’s first national representative.
• He was great at investing, although he also got ripped off like a lot of his peers. His investments include ownership in a shopping mall.
• He fell victim to drug addiction. He details the adverse effects of this and how he recovered.
• He studied African history with Dr. Ben. He even traveled to Egypt with him.
• He details how he combated his miseducation, and cultivated his love for Black history.

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Black History Fact Of The Day: Benjamin Banneker’s Grandfather

Red, Black & Green Elsie Law LogoVia his African grandfather, Benjamin Banneker had a royal lineage. Benjamin Banneker’s grandfather, Bannaky, came to America on a slave ship. In addition to his regal lineage, Bannaky also had an extensive knowledge of agriculture. This included building irrigation systems that prevented flooding. Bannaky also planted crops composed of foods he had grown in Africa (yams, sweet potatoes, rice, and watermelon).

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