Book Excerpt Of The Week- Part 3: “Black Dawn, Bright Day” By: Sun Bear with Wabun Wind

“We can help heal the world by easing tension instead of aggravating it. In relationships and families in this society, we have a problem with tension points. Sometimes there’s a little thing, a rub, between two people, and instead of being aware of it and easing off, some people seem to like to pick at it. That’s what causes a lot of the pain in the world in the world. If somebody is sensitive about a certain subject, maybe you don’t need to rub their nose in it. You can help that person without pounding them into the ground.

If I feel something is helpful to a person, I’ll see how much of it they’re willing to talk about. But I don’t wear them out with it. It’s important to understand that when you’re dealing with human beings.” -From, “Black Dawn, Bright Day” By: Sun Bear with Wabun Wind

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