Book Excerpt Of The Week: “The Family: The Real Story Of The Bush Dynasty” By: Kitty Kelley

“Early in his administration, President George W. Bush moved to make sure that the family’s personal, financial, and political secrets, particularly his and his father’s remained sealed forever.

After placing his records as Governor of Texas in his father’s presidential library, Bush signed an executive order on November 1, 2001, that blocks the release of all presidential documents. Until then, the National Archives had controlled the fate of White House documents, which automatically became public after twelve years.

Under Bush’s new rules, presidents now have the right to prevent the public from ever viewing their papers, even after they have died. Unless there is a successful court challenge to Bush’s executive order, he will be able to bury the secrets of his father’s direct involvement in the Iran-Contra scandal as well as his own complicity in waging war on Iraq.” From, “The Family: The Real Story Of The Bush Dynasty” By: Kitty Kelley

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