Book Excerpt Of The Week: Part 2- “What’s Going On” By: Nathan McCall

“One effect of stereotypes is that, among Blacks, they result in a kind of internalized self-hatred. Many Blacks hate themselves as much as racist Whites hate them. Black-on-Black violence is proof of that. The more obvious impact, though, is that those stereotypes, spoken as fact, lead to hostile racial attitudes towards Blacks in general.

Politicians, in their zeal to appease disgruntled White constituents, actually use those stereotypes as a basis for shaping public policies that affect people’s lives. Consider, for example, the prevailing notion that Blacks are lazy people who prefer government handouts to honest jobs. The myth ignores the fact that the institution of slavery itself was rooted in White laziness. It was based on Whites’ insistence that someone else do their work for them- for 300 years, without being paid a single dime.” From, “What’s Going On” By: Nathan McCall

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