Anecdote Of The Week: Are You Allowing Yourself To Be Lulled By Convenience, So You Can Easily Be Lead To Slaughter?

“One day, a sparrow flies into a stinking piggery where she watches a swine gobble down his food.

Seeing his unexpected visitor, the swine starts boasting about his life. ‘I live like a king here. I don’t even have to lift a paw to get something to eat. Several times a day, someone comes to bring me food. I do nothing but eat and sleep- what a life!’

The little bird says nothing.

‘How you must envy me,’ says the swine, as he fills his mouth with swill.

‘It is you who must be envious of me,’ trills the sparrow.

‘I? Envy you? Never!’ protests the swine loudly. ‘I am like a king in this pen while you have to work for your food. You are a slave to your needs!’

At this the sparrow flies away, leaving the swine munching his meal noisily.

After sometime, the sparrow returns to the piggery. Piercing screams are coming from the pen. Flying nearer, she sees the plump swine being led to a nearby slaughterhouse.

The swine looks up and sees the sparrow. While he strains again the rope that binds him, the swine tells the little bird, ‘I lived like a king and now I shall die like a slave.’

After uttering these words, the swine sees the butcher sharpening his knife. As he follow the flight of the sparrow with envious eyes, he feels the knife at his throat.” -Author Unknown

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