Book Excerpt Of The Week: “Black-On-Black Violence” By: Amos Wilson

Black On Black Violence“Your freedom is the superbal expression of slavery- the freedom of slaves.
You are free to speak as long as no one listens.
Free to explain as long as no one understands.
Free to sing and dance as long as you entertain those who would have you sing and dance on a tightrope above an open grave.
Free to think as long as you think feelings.
Free to love as long as it is your tormentors and not yourself that you love.
Free to assemble as long as you gather together to screw each other.
Free to engage in self-defense as long as it is truth and reality against which you defend yourself.
Free to kiss as long as you kiss the a** of the one who offends you.
You have a right to a fair trial before a jury of your peers as long as you are a criminal.
You are free to spend your money as you like as long as you like to spend it with those who spitefully use you;
Who use it to finance your execution and to bury you in your store-bought finest.” -From, “Black-on-Black Violence” By: Amos Wilson

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