Book Excerpt Of The Week: “Black-On-Black Violence” By: Amos Wilson

Written By: Elsie Law - Mar• 06•15

Black On Black Violence“What many African Americans, including Black-on-Black criminals desire most are those things manufactured, owned, controlled, and sold by their White oppressors. African Americans rarely want or value anything else.

The White American ruling class devalues what it doesn’t own or control, and invests with inflated value what it does own or control, thereby provoking possessive/obsessive desires in the deprived groups it dominates.

It sets the material and social prices to be paid for what it owns, controls, and/or offers for sale. Through its manipulation of production and prices it seeks to manipulate the social conditions and organization (as well as disorganization) of the behavior, perception and consciousness of those who seek to acquire what it produces.” -From, “Black-on-Black Violence” By: Amos Wilson

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