Definitions Better Than Webster’s: Habit

“Our lives- all of our lives, all races, all classes- have a regular course to them. They are habit-shaped. There is habit in the way we see ourselves, the way we see and relate to each other, as genders, as classes, as races. Habit has to it a silence, a soothing transparency. In our cluttered lives, charged with the burdens of the clock and the cool embrace of electronic socialization, habit relieves us of the myriad social decisions we’ve neither the time nor the energy to make or remake. Why throw the rice at the bridal couple? Who knows anymore? But everyone throws it. Harmless, eh? Most customs are, and habits as well. Habit does not alleviate pain. It does, however, cause us often to forget its source.” -From, “The Debt” By: Randall Robinson

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