Definitions Better Than Webster’s: Brainblocks

“Personality traits that we traditionally associate with stagnation, inefficiency, failure, and despondency are nothing more than brainblocks: The products of glitches and the consequences of inefficient use of our brains. Brainblocks are the habits of feeling, thinking, and doing created by our brains that block our pursuit of success. And only our brains, or how we use them, can undo them.

Brainblocks are the enemy of action. They turn motivation to inertia, productivity to busywork, and dreamers to languishers. They cause an array of problems, ranging from diminished productivity and strained relationships to serious clinical problems, like depression and anxiety. Slowly and systematically, they end up killing our dreams.” -From, “Brainblocks” By: Dr. Theo Tsaousides

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