Book Bits: “Up Till Now: The Autobiography” By: William Shatner

Up Till Now William ShatnerHere are some interesting tidbits from, “Up Till Now: The Autobiography” By: William Shatner:
• He discusses the start of his love for acting.
• He has a strong friendship with Leonard Nimoy, who played Spock on Star Trek.
• He has acted in a variety of mediums: theater, television, movies.
• He has dealt with the perils of Hollywood; including being “propositioned” as a teenager, and being grossly unpaid.
• He is originally from Canada. He moved to New York City to pursue an acting career.
• He began a television career during a time when people thought television was a gimmick and would fizzle out.
• He’s been married several times. He discusses his marriages, including what it’s like to be married to another actor.
• When he was co-acting on a project with Yule Brynner, Yule Brynner continuously kicked him while they were filming. He was too intimidated to put a stop to it.
• He hunted and killed a bear on the Aleutian Islands for a TV show. He felt so guilty about it, he decided to never hunt again.
• He made up a story about being rescued by an alien after he was in a motorcycle accident in the desert. The story was picked up by the tabloids.
• He discussed making the classic episode of the Twilight Zone, “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet.”
• He discusses eking out a living as an actor in a profession where “talent didn’t seem to make a difference between success and failure.”
• He discusses starring on Star Trek and the impact it had on his career. He also discusses Star Trek conventions.
• He has worked as a director in all of the mediums he has acted in.
• He discusses starring as T.J. Hooker, hosting Rescue 911, working with the WWF, being a spokesperson for, playing the Big Giant Head on 3rd Rock, and playing the award-winning part of Denny Crane.
• His wife tragically drowned in their pool.
• He has a love for horses, and owns a ranch in Kentucky.
• He discusses his often mocked singing career.

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