Book Bits: “The Last Black Unicorn” By: Tiffany Haddish

The Last Black UnicornHere are some interesting tidbits from, “The Last Black Unicorn” By: Tiffany Haddish:

• She talks about why she calls herself, “The Last Black Unicorn.”
• She was close to illiterate in high school, yet she was placed in AP classes in the wealthy school she was bused to. She got over academically because she has a genius-level memory. Her drama teacher eventually caught on, and surreptitiously taught her to read.
• As a teen she went to Laugh Factory Comedy Camp.
• Richard Pryor gave her comedic advice.
• Before her mother’s car accident, which caused her to have severe mental illness, her mother owned two houses, two small businesses, and was a manager at the post office. The car accident forever altered the path of her family’s lives.
• Her stepfather made a shocking confession to her on her 21st birthday about her mother’s car accident that will leave you stunned and flabbergasted.
• She discusses being in foster care, and all of the varieties of abuse she was subjected. [SIDEBAR: Parts of this book will bring you to tears.]
• She was a pimp for a period of time. She got some of her clients from the Bar Mitzvahs she used to perform at.
• She talks candidly and explicitly about some of her personal relationships.
• She got married to a man who was extremely abusive, so she divorced him. However, she also ended up marrying and divorcing him a second time.
• She talks about bombing at comedy shows. She also talks about the love she has for being on stage and doing comedy, and how it makes her feel safe and successful.
• She discusses earning the respect of her male comedic peers who initially looked at her as a romantic conquest.
• She calls Kevin Hart her “comedy guardian angel.”
• She discusses temporarily joining Scientology.
• She talks about going on a swamp tour in New Orleans with Will & Jada Smith. She also shares some of the advice that Jada Pinkett-Smith gave her.
• She talks about how Arsenio Hall helped to boost her career.
• She found out that she is an African princess.

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