2 thoughts on “Brooklyn’s Slave Ship??”

  1. I seriously can not believe that no one caught on to this. No one black person put 2 and 2 together. Not even myself. I was reading the book, The Black Holocaust for Beginners. I got up to page 19 about the Barclay Brothers and the start of the Barclay Bank funded by their business in trading stolen Africans. Embarrassingly it then dawned on me that the Barclay Center looked exactly like a gigantic old world cargo ship for enslaved Africans. As many times I walked past the center, I would blindly think “Oh it looks just like an ark! I wonder why they chose to make it resemble one?” Not one time did I ever think “slave ship”. It’s shameful that we as black people never take the time to think before we co-sign on to anything that claims to represent us.

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