Book Excerpt Of The Week: “Soul Of Ice” By: Eldridge Cleaver

Soul On Ice“Black Americans Are too easily deceased by a few smiles and friendly gestures, by the passing of a few liberal sounding laws which are left on the books to rot unenforced, and by the mushy speech-making of a president who is a past master of talking out of the thousand sides of his mouth.
Such poetry the does not guarantee the safe future of the black people in America. The black people must have a guarantee, they must be certain they must be sure beyond all doubt that the reign of terror is ended and not just suspended, and that the future of their people is secure. And the only way they can ensure this is to gain organizational unity and communication with their brothers and allies around the world, on an international basis. They must have this power. There is no other way. Anything else is a sellout of the future of their people. The world of today was fashioned yesterday what is involved here, what is being decided right now, is the shape of power in the world tomorrow.” From, “Soul Of Ice” By: Eldridge Cleaver

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