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The Fly Or Die Commerce Report: World’s Largest Textbook Publisher Buys Into NOOK

Anyone who has ever endeavored to engage in a high-level of study, whether formally or informally, knows of the expense of textbooks. Textbook publication is a very profitable business. Now, with the emergence of e-books, a whole new market has opened up for textbook publishers. Textbook publisher, Pearson, which is the largest higher educational publisher […]

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The Fly Or Die Commerce Report: Campbell Soup Company Is Looking To Expand

Campbell Soup Company, which is over 115 years old is looking to expand in its biggest deal ever. The company, which is said to be the first company to can condensed soups over a century ago, is seeking to purchase Bolthouse Farms Inc. Bolthouse Farms is a company that sells baby carrots, salad dressings, and […]

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The Fly Or Die Commerce Report: Maybach Is Going Out Of Business

The $350,000 to $1.4 million-priced Maybach “super-luxury” vehicle will no longer be sold. The Daimler Motor Company, which is also the producer of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, introduced the Maybach to the market in 2002. In its almost decade of existence, the Maybach has failed to turn a profit every year. The lac of profit has been […]

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