The Fly Or Die Commerce Report: What State Has The Most New Businesses?

According to Money Magazine’s March 2015 issue, the following states are the top five states in the U.S. to have an emergence of new businesses. The results are adjusted according to population.
1) Montana
2) Alaska
3) South Dakota
4) California
5) Colorado

I’m surprised New York, which is known as “The Empire State,” isn’t in the top five.

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Black History Fact Of The Day: Freedman’s Saving and Trust Company

Red, Black & Green Elsie Law LogoFreedman’s Saving and Trust Company was in operation from 1865 and 1874. According to Wikipedia, the savings bank was formed “specifically as a depository for African-American veterans, ex-slaves and their families to build their savings.” The bank was established and headquartered in New York. However, its first branch was opened in Washington D.C.

At one time, The Freedman’s Saving Bank had 9 branches in 12 states. Frederick Douglass was the last president of the bank before it closed.

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