Invention Spotlight: Dr. Thomas Mensah: Fiber Optics & Nano Technology Inventor

A battery that only need to be charged once a week….I wonder if Jamie Foxx’s character in Annie was partially based on this genius inventor.
[SIDEBAR: Dr. Thomas Mensah has published a book called, “The Right Stuff Comes in Black, Too.” I hope to check his book out before the year is over.]

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Invention Spotlight: The Sleek $9 Bike That Holds Up To 485 Pounds

Ingenious, practical, and innovative; Izhar Gafni has created a bike made entirely out of recycled materials. The main recycled material used in this bike, which costs approximately $9 to $12 to manufacture, is cardboard.

You would think that a cardboard bike would be impossible to ride. However, according to Fast Company (where I first spotted this story), this 20-pound bike can withstand a rider of a weight of up to 485 pounds.

The way in which means of transportation is implemented around the world can be changed by this one invention. If this bike is sold at even at a 100% markup of manufacturing cost, it may become the cheapest and most convenient way of getting from one place to another. When you factor in the exercise benefits that a person can get from traveling via bicycle, as well as the benefits to the environment by traveling in a way that doesn’t utilize gas, this inexpensive way of traveling could have a multitude of positive effects.

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