Public Burnings Of Black Americans

Public BurningAmerica’s lynching of Black Americans was often accompanied by public burnings of Black people too. In her autobiography, “Crusade for Justice,” Ida B. Wells discusses lynch mobs burning black people alive.

This is what she had to say about a Black man who had been falsely accused of a crime, and subsequently burned to death: “No torture of helpless victims by heathen savages or cruel red Indians ever exceeded the cold-blooded savagery of white devils under lynch law. None of the hideous murders by butchers of Nero to make a Roman holiday exceeded these burnings alive of black human beings. This was done by white men who controlled all the forces of law and order in their communities…

He had been arrested and imprisoned while preparations were made to burn him alive. The local papers issued bulletins detailing the preparations, the schoolchildren had been given a holiday to see a man burned alive, and the railroads ran excursions and brought people of the surrounding country to witness the event, which was in broad daylight with the authorities aiding and abetting this horror. The dispatches told in detail how he had been tortured with red-hot irons searing his flesh for hours before finally the flames were lit which put an end to his agony. They also told how the mob fought over the hot ashes for bones, buttons and teeth for souvenirs.”

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Black History Fact Of The Day: Jackie Robinson The Businessman

Red, Black & Green Elsie Law LogoJackie Robinson is most well known for his sports achievements. However, the baseball great was also a savvy, pioneering businessman.

Jackie Robinson was one of the investors/founders of the Freedom National Bank, a Black-owned bank that was located in Harlem. Mr Robinson was also the first African-American vice president of a major American corporation (Chock Full O’Nuts). In addition to this, Jackie Robinson was the first African-American TV analyst for major league baseball.

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