Plantation Food: Brazil vs. America

Written By: Elsie Law - Mar• 02•17

Brazilian FeijoadaIn her autobiography, Beverly Johnson discusses the cuisine she was introduced to when she was on a photo shoot in Brazil: “I always enjoyed tasting the local cuisine of every country I visited during my career…Brazil’s national dish is feijoada, a tasty stew that differs throughout the country, but where I was it comprised beans, fresh pork or beef, cabbage, kale, potatoes, okra, carrots, and pumpkin in one large yummy meal. Feijoada had been served to Brazilian slaves, because it contained the unwanted part of the pig (such as the feet, nose, ears) and cheap black beans. This made me think of African-American slaves who were fed with the leftovers of whatever was served in the main house on the plantation.”

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